Pittie Pups Emoji App January 2020

Pittie Pup Emoji App Design Sketches

After a nice long break for the holidays, I jumped right back where I left off and now I have completed most of the artwork for the new pit bull emoji app! Yay! The inspiration for this app came from my best friend's dog, Magnum (Maggie for short). Maggie was kind, beautiful and an amazing soul. My friend rescued her from the shelter and never had the chance to see how cute she would've been as a puppy. These drawings are in memory of Maggie and what a cutie pie she must have looked like as a puppy.

This app is going to be so adorable and I hope you all enjoy the emojis! The emoji app is for Iphone only because android is too much work for me right now. Maybe someday I'll higher someone to do the android stuff and I will be happy to stick with Apple :) . I have been doing a lot more animations lately and I plan to include some in my next app. This app I wanted to go ahead and finish as is and maybe add some animations of the puppy later down the road. It's a lot of work, I spend hours upon hours working on all of this and I get so happy/relieved that is finally coming to an end. The more realistic looking drawings take me forever to finish sometimes and I prefer the crazy cute cartoon style.

I'm learning as I go with my animating skills so the first few might look crazy (haha), don't judge. I have already begun drawing sketches for my next emoji app and my goal for 2020 is to release a new animal emoji app each month! What animal would you like to see as an emoji? 2020 is going to be my year! Watch out! :)


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