Getting My Masters Degree in Instructional Design & Tech

[Designing An Alien Character and Background]

This last Fall (2019), I started my Master's Degree program in Instructional Design and Technology at Bellevue University. An instructional designer creates the materials and even the online environment for students. My goal is to use my animations to create fun and engaging videos in a broad range of subjects. I will also be striving to create a virtual online environment that can be accessed from your computer or phone. The goal is to incorporate gamification elements and fun designs to keep students interested and to have a little fun. As my designs get better and I'm ready to share with the public, I will be creating a separate page on the website specifically for the content I design. Everything will be free! I want people to enjoy learning and to strive for the best they can give. I'm excited to be apart of this process and I can't wait to show you all my ideas! As I design each character I will post about the whole process and how I came to decide certain details. 2020 is going to be a great year! Let's do this.

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