It took me awhile to finally find something I'm truly passionate about and want to pursue as a career. I've always loved art and in the past few years I started to get into animation as well. I've been in the teaching field for most of my early 20s and decided I wanted to pursue something that could combine my love of art/animation with teaching. This led me to find the Master's program of Instructional Design and Technology...

Action Shots


Bonfire Night

I got bored from studying and decided to animate a fire I had drawn a few days ago. I'm working on my animation skills so I can bring my instructional designs to life!


Discussion Post

Instead of writing a typical discussion post, I decided to start recording myself talking about the assigned topic! It helps with my video editing skills and is a lot of fun to put together!


Emoji App Cheat Sheet

For my instructional design assignment I created an emoji app cheat sheet to help learners get through the steps of making their own emoji app to publish through the Apple App store.

Instructional Design- My Process

1. Identify the Problem/Need-As an instructional designer it's our job to improve the learning environment and enhance it with technology.

2. Research & Scribble- Can't start a project without properly knowing all the information! As I research I continue to write and draw things as I go for inspiration later on. 

3.Start Designing!

4. Redesign, Scratch Out, Keep Going!- Even if it doesn't look bad I just keep designing and messing with rough drafts till I get something I like. 

5. Nail Out the Finishing Touches- Add the flare and the spice. 

6. Final Product.


SoulKey Portfolio

My focus is to create free content to help learners achieve their goals! I'm currently working on my animation skills to create videos for an E-learning YouTube Channel. 

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Augmentation SAMR Discussion Post Resour
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Augmentation SAMR Discussion Post Resour
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Asset 17Meet The Instructor Screen Shot.

in Progress...

  Quiz App

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 9.54.17 PM.png

My current project I'm working on for my portfolio is a new quiz app! Right now I'm focusing on the foundational code for the app to work and then I will put more focus on the graphic design aspect. I like to my apps fun and engaging so you will definitely see some bright-colored designs in the future! The goal with this project is to create an app the makes an engaging environment for teachers and students to engage in by using a simple quiz layout and instant feedback. I hope to incorporate a grading system, discussion area, and much more!!!

My Workspace              Home-Sweet-Home

I don't have anything fancy. It's just me, my desk, my computer and the place I call home. I try to keep my desk as neat as possible so it encourages me to want to work and accomplish something. If I let things get too messy then I won't want to do anything! I also have to be careful not to let myself get distracted by other things since I'm working from home (like cleaning or doing the laundry). The time I spend at my desk is like any other work day and my focus should be completely on the task I want to accomplish for my creative designs. Making sure I decorate my space with things that inspire me to create and to keep striving for my goals is essential to my success. I truly believe you can do anything you set your mind to whether that's starting a business or teaching yourself how to program an app for Apple products. ;)