It took me awhile to finally find something I'm truly passionate about and want to pursue as a career. I've always loved art and in the past few years, I started to get into animation as well. I've been in the teaching field for most of my early 20's and decided I wanted to pursue something that could combine my love of art/animation with teaching. This led me to find the Master's program of Instructional Design and Technology where I could design a learning environment with my fun graphic art and animated videos.

I'm just starting down this road and my goal is to keep improving everyday with each project I take on. I'm always looking for the next challenge and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me. My goal is to create content people will enjoy! I want to add cute designs while making it simple and easy to follow. Creating learning/teaching materials for everyone to access for FREE is what I'm currently focused on and will continue to do for at least the next year.